Yale University Rowing Team Visited Harrow Hengqin

HHN-2023-11-27 [EVENT] Sindy Liang

On 23rd November, Yale University Rowing Team, which came all the way to Hengqin to take part in the 2023 Tinmuk Rowing Regatta, visited Harrow Hengqin and had an in-depth communication with Harrow’s students. Unlike the usual lectures or workshops, the visit was divided into two sessions: an open sharing session on the theme of “Feeling the Charm of Rowing” and a group discussion on the theme of “What is the experience of studying at Yale University”. This format allowed Harrow students to have an in-depth, face-to-face exchange with Yale students who had travelled from afar.

In the school’s auditorium, the Yale University rowing team shared their experiences with all the Upper School students. Each member of the team took turns introducing themselves, sharing stories about their passion for rowing. Despite having diverse majors, ranging from economics, architecture, and history to biology and physics, they were all united by their love for this sport.

In the breakout session, Harrow Hengqin Upper School students were divided into small groups to have close communication with Yale students and listen to the details of their study and life in the world-famous Yale University. Through close communication, Harrow Hengqin students found that students from the world’s top universities are not only excellent in sports, but also full of confidence and enthusiasm in their own disciplines, and have a strong curiosity about different countries and diverse cultures.

“It is also worth noting that the famous Cambridge – Oxford Competition was initiated by two old Harrovians … This event, held in 1829, therefore Rowing is not new to Harrow… it is in our blood.” As Dr. Max Caruso, Harrow Hengqin Head Master foreign headmaster of Harrow said through sports such as rowing, we align and further develop our Harrow Core Values: Courage, Honour, Humility, Fellowship.