Harrow Hengqin held the first“Harrow’s Got Talent”

HHN-2023-12-29 [EVENT] Sindy Liang

Last week, Harrow Hengqin held its first wonderful and exciting “Harrow’s Got Talent”. This talent show had no restrictions on the form of performance, unlocking more “hidden talents” of Harrovians and allowing their talents and enthusiasm to bloom on stage to the fullest. It also brought a lot of surprises to the audience!

On stage, students showcased their dazzling talents, including musical performances, elegant dances, theatrical plays, stand-up comedy, among other acts. The performances also included stunning renditions of Peking Opera and original songs by Harrow’s Voice. It is worth mentioning that the CCA “Music Ensemble” was newly established this semester. After learning and training for one semester under the guidance of music teacher Mr. Bulla, the students successfully created and performed Harrow Hengqin’s first original music piece “Sound of Harrow”, which was publicly debuted on the talent show.

In the lively atmosphere of the stage, the school also held a beautiful painting and art exhibition, showcasing the excellent paintings created by students this semester, leading parents and students into a world full of imagination.

Harrow Hengqin regularly opens its stage to give students the opportunity to showcase their self-confidence, integrating education and cultural arts to promote the goal of holistic education.