Curriculum Overview

Our Uniquely Innovative Approach: A New Direction for K-12 Education in China

A Harrow LiDe education provides students with the international qualifications, language, knowledge and personal attributes required to thrive as a learner, an individual and a leader in schools, world-leading universities and throughout the rest of their lives.

An innovative approach to pedagogy and pastoral care ensures students learn in a manner that promotes the Harrow School’s Values, leadership attributes and holistic approach to education synonymous with Harrow School in the UK and all AISL Harrow schools.

The academic model has been carefully crafted so that it harnesses the strength and rigour of education in China and instils a deep understanding of Chinese heritage, culture, tradition and language.

Grade 1 to Grade 9 (age six to fourteen)

Our AISL Harrow LiDe curriculum from Grades 1 to Grade 9 focuses on providing a holistic education through the unique LiDe approach. Our goal is to prepare students to excel academically and become successful global citizens. We are committed to delivering excellence in the Chinese National Compulsory Education Curriculum as well.

Exclusively designed by senior education experts, so that subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, English Language, ICT, Mathematics, and Physics, together with co-curricular Arts and Design, Physical Education and Music offer an opportunity for supporting language acquisition by being delivered in English and supported in the ChineseCore subjects such as History, Geography, Chinese Language, Calligraphy and Culture and Moral Education are taught in Chinese, using the rigour of Chinese teaching methodologies.

Students transition to the sixth form fluent in both Chinese and English, well prepared academically and socially for entry to the very best universities globally. This approach, a first in China, ensures that students benefit from a world-class education that blends academic excellence with preparation for life and leadership.

Senior Phase and Sixth Forms

In senior school, the curriculum is designed to prepare students for life at university and beyond. This includes access to rigorous international qualifications: A Level, the gold standard internationally and recognised by leading universities across the world.

Grade 10 (Age 15)

Grade 10 students will be focused on the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), an excellent and academically meticulous preparation for A-level.

Grade 10 (Age 15)

In this phase of the school, students study a number of A-level subjects. These courses are considered to be an academically rigorous preparation for university study. A bespoke university preparation programme guides pupils and parents for applications and transition to higher education. The focus on building a deep knowledge and appreciation of Chinese heritage, culture and language is maintained throughout the sixth form. Students leave the school prepared for success and leadership in China and beyond.