Harrow Hengqin Science Class Outdoor Learning

HHN-2023-11-01 [Harrow Education] Sindy Liang

Recently, Harrow Hengqin Upper School students had a science lesson outdoor learning and visited the Hengqin Erjingwan Nature Education Trail to see first-hand the conservation of living creatures in action. The park has been a huge success in science education, providing a pathway between the northern and southern hemisphere for migratory birds, attracting many species. Students observed a plethora of plants, birds, insects, and fish as we travelled along the trail.

Curriculum links included: comparing closely related species from the same genus;discussing behavioural and physical adaptations of the different animals; seeing science in action and understanding the application of science – especially caring for the environment. The teacher led the students on a tour of the birdwatching pavilion and the use of binoculars. Through the binoculars, students were able to identify many species on the other side of the river, including egrets and stilts, observing them feeding, resting and flying.

The outdoor science classroom enhances students’ self-confidence and sense of responsibility, enlivens thinking, improves creativity, observation, and social survival skills, and also contributes to physical and mental health, promoting the ability to work together and a sense of collective honour.

Focusing on holistic education, Harrow Hengqin regularly moves the classroom outdoors to provide students with more direct contact with what they are learning, a better understanding of nature and society, and a deeper appreciation of scientific knowledge.