THE School

The School

Harrow LiDe School Hengqin is the first bilingual and bicultural school in Hengqin to offer full K-12 education to both day and boarding pupils. We opened our doors in February 2021 in the prime location of Hengqing within the Greater Bay Area making it the perfect location for families from Zhuhai, Macau, Zhongshang and Hong Kong.

The school will integrate elements of the educational philosophy, practice and traditions from the world-famous Harrow School in London to provide a highly distinctive and exceptional education to 900 pupils, including 310 boarders.

Our offer will focus on 6 key areas.

Scholarship – to build effective learning habits.

Inspiring teachers who stimulate and challenge students in the formal classroom setting and via our extensive “super-curriculum” programme of academic clubs and societies, promoting the skills of research, reflection and debate through habitual reading and extended projects to achieve their very best academically.

Opportunity – to increase their educational and career opportunities.

Providing an extensive co-curricular programme and specific careers and university guidance, taking advantage of Harrow’s extensive worldwide network of alumni, parents and business partnerships to provide valuable experiences such as coaching, mentoring, work experience, internships and travel opportunities. Providing bespoke guidance for those looking to apply to Oxbridge, Ivy League or other top universities in China and globally.

Character – to develop students who make a difference beyond the confines of Harrow.

Instilling a moral code and helping students develop a set of values to help them make daily decisions that guide them to behave well towards each other, give of their best at all times and thrive in whatever situation they find themselves in. Celebrate Chinese and British culture to build pride in their cultural identity and a respect for other cultures.

Innovation – build the ability to look critically at situations and find creative solutions to problems in the twenty first century.

Using our bespoke Deep Learning lessons, an enquiry-based approach, hands-on activities and competitions to find solutions to a range of different types of problems; moral, scientific, creative, mathematical, business and personal, students will develop the ability to solve real-life problems.

Leadership – to make informed choices about the direction they want their personal and professional life to take, to take on leadership roles in their career and have the confidence to give opinions in a public forum.

Opportunities for formally applying for leadership roles within the school (House leaders, sports leaders, Form representatives, School Council representatives, Charity and Eco representatives) and to participate in formal leadership courses, competitions, public speaking and other events such as Model United Nations and Business Enterprise.

Pastoral care –ensure all of our pupils are happy, healthy and successful.

Personal, Social and Health Education lessons alongside compulsory Physical Education lessons, including swimming to look after the physical and mental wellbeing of all pupils. Close personal tutoring centred around the Harrow House system to provide a pastoral and academic overview of every single child. Stringent health and safety policies in place, including Covid-19 procedures.

We believe that Harrow Hengqin will represent a benchmark for bilingual bicultural education in the region.