Pastoral & Boarding

The House System

The House system is the most distinctive characteristic of a Harrow education and is central to our school’s culture and ethos. Modelled on the best practices of the prestigious Harrow London, the House system at Harrow Hengqin is a core component of school life, providing our pupils with a strong sense of community and belonging.

The House offers students a smaller, closer community within the school, broadening the range of activities and support available. The House system is a fun and vibrant element of school life, but it also helps students to develop a set of leadership skills, qualities of dispositions that prepare them for life. Pupils will take part in a range of House events and competitions and they will meet regularly with their House peers and staff, developing a strong allegiance to their House over the course of their time at Harrow Hengqin. House events include; sports events and competitions, charity events, team-building activities, performing arts events and recitals. In these numerous activities, community pride finds expression in a healthy competitive spirit.

The House system supports our pupils’ well-being and resilience and it is vital in ensuring that all pupils achieve their full academic and personal potential. A key strength of our House system is the vertical integration of pupils from different year groups and phases. This creates a ‘family’ unit within which responsibilities are assigned to older students to care for and support their younger peers. 

All students and staff are allocated to a House, all of which are named after inspiring leaders and figures who embody the four Harrow values; courage, honour, humility and fellowship. Each House has its own House colour, House flags and a House Mistress or Master.

The House community is characterised by strong bonds and support networks within each House. The House Master or House Mistress and Form Tutor knows each member of the House extremely well, allowing for close personal tutoring and monitoring of academic performance, engagement in co-curricular pursuits, personal progress and well-being. Therefore, if and when there is a problem, a pupil will swiftly receive personalised and effective support to get them back on track. Crucially, the House system provides an important link between school and home. Parents will benefit from a clear line of communication with their child’s Tutor and House Master or House Mistress.

The six Houses in Harrow Hengqin are: