THE School

Message From the Head Master

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our Harrow Li De School Hengqin (Harrow Hengqin)—a boarding school. 

We are a proud member of the AISL Harrow Schools, providing excellence in education for the Greater Bay Area, and, as a member, our reach and our collaboration, extends from London to Beijing, from Hong Kong to Bangkok, and from Hengqin to the world at large.

Harrow Hengqin has, as its foundation a proud history that celebrates Chinese language, culture, thought and philosophy and is underpinned by over 450 years of history, tradition, and holistic educational excellence of Harrow School in the UK.

Hence, a Harrow Hengqin education is transcultural. It is an education of culture and taught through culture;  an education that nurtures cultural resilience, through a positive mindset that drives our holistic educational delivery.

David Whyte, Poet, quoted in The Teacher’s Vocation, described education in these terms.

If education is about anything, it is about creating a joyful ability to live at the frontier of your own genius… (recognising) that each child has their own particular frontier.
Education is a joyful profession, and at Harrow Hengqin, we dedicate ourselves to nurture that joyful frontier in your children… in our children and strive to recognise their genius within.

Harrow Hengqin is a Professional Learning Community, where we strive to ensure that we achieve excellence in students’ learning, build and enact a culture of active collaboration within the Harrow community as we drive towards achieving exceptional student wellbeing and academic outcomes.

These truths are informed, and reinforced by our Harrow values of Courage, Honour, Humility and Fellowship. These Harrow values underpin Harrow Hengqin as a Community that has great strength in a conviction in our unity, in order to create those unbreakable bonds that lead to belonging.  Our strength is in the unity of our community, where we learn from and with each other. Indeed, as The Master says,

Whenever three people walk together, one of them will be my teacher…
We unreservedly have high expectations of our students as we engender a love of all learning encompassing Language, STEM, the Arts, etc, and prizing a wide involvement in the life of our school, in particular our Boarding programme, as well as our engaging and character-building co-curricular pursuits.

At Harrow Hengqin, we enliven our motto, Educational Excellence for Life and Leadership
Finally, and in my heartfelt welcome to you all, I look forward to cocreating an ongoing shared vision of our school, always placing our children at the centre of our thinking, together, as we embark on a long and fruitful journey ahead.

As Lao Tzu humbly stated, a thousand miles of journey always begins with a single step. As we begin our journey together, may we all look forward to building our Harrow community and sharing in a bright future together for all our children.

Dr. Max Caruso
Head Master
Harrow Li De School Hengqin