Parents Workshop- Harrow Zhuhai speaks to parents on how to develop students’ creativity

HZN 2023-04-18[FOH] Chloe Xiong

On 19 April, Harrow Zhuhai held a one-on-one discussion with parents on “How to Develop Creativity”, emphasising the importance of creativity for children.

The event was presented by Mr. Honey, Upper School ICT teacher and Lead Digital Content Specialist, who explained the definition and importance of creativity and elaborated on how Harrow Zhuhai nurtures creativity in the classroom, while complementing it with a hands-on, on-site digital design activity for parents. During the activity, parents were required to use Adobe Photoshop to create a personalised design on a blank mug model, so they were not only immersed in a hands-on experience of how creativity can flourish, but also learnt basic design software skills through this activity.

After the interactive session, Mr. Honey stressed the importance of the family in the development of children. Parents should work together with the school to create a more conducive “hotbed of creativity”. For example, parents can encourage their children to develop a writing habit, record details of their lives or take their children on outdoor explorations, collect objects such as leaves, rocks and flowers, and let them create their own art or craft projects using the natural materials they collect; parents can also provide their children with blocks, Lego, or other construction-related materials and let them design architectural projects, etc.

Harrow Zhuhai focuses not only on academic excellence, but also on developing students’ creativity, leadership and other holistic qualities. The Parent Workshops provide a bridge between the school and parents, through which parents can gain a deeper understanding of the Harrow brand educational philosophy and curriculum, and work closely with Harrow Zhuhai to create an excellent environment for their children’s growth.