Parent Workshop – The Importance of Practical Tasks in Science Learning

HZN 2023-04-18[FOH] Sindy Liang

On 18 April, Harrow Zhuhai held a parent workshop for Upper School parents on “The importance of Practical Tasks in Science Learning “, in which parents completed a practical task and gained an understanding of practical task Learning.

During the workshop, Mr. Cochrane, Head of Science, introduced parents to practical tasks as an engaging way to learn skills and concepts. After a brief introduction, parents moved on to a practical task session where they got to experience the students’ experiments first-hand. Under the guidance of the teacher, parents added small amounts of magnesium to three test tubes containing water, vinegar and hydrochloric acid and carefully observed the chemical reactions. Afterwards, parents placed a small piece of magnesium into the strong acid and immediately placed a boiling tube over the top of the test tube to collect the gas. At the end of the reaction, the boiling tube was lifted and a small burning strip of wood was placed into it. The burning made a popping sound and parents watched the results of the experiment with curiosity. The teacher explained that the gas produced was hydrogen, which is colourless and odourless, a flammable gas and burns very quickly. The parents were enlightened and experienced the fun of experimentation and the wonder of discovery.

Through the task, Mr. Cochrane told the parents that science is a form of discovery and an evidence-based subject. By allowing students to take the initiative to conduct investigations rather than simply telling them. Students will learn the importance of evidence and how scientific principles work. During the workshop, teachers also discuss with parents how practical task activities can help develop their children’s curiosity and how parents can support this at home.

As the “Learning Community” and “School-Home Cooperation” have always been promoted at Harrow Zhuhai, the Parent Academy programme was launched this term to enhance parents’ understanding of Harrow education by providing them with a range of education-related programmes and guide parents on how to educate their children at home using the same philosophy. Consistent home and school philosophies and a unified approach to strategies are vital to the development of children. At the same time, teachers and parents are engaged in learning together, setting an example for children to lead by example and building a true learning community.