PARENT WORKSHOP –A lively introduction to what PHONICS is in Harrow Zhuhai

HZN 2023-04-18[FOH] Chloe Xiong

How can children improve their spelling skills and acquire authentic British pronunciation ? On 18 April, Harrow Zhuhai extends an invitation to parents in the Lower School to recreate their children’s English class in Harrow Zhuhai.

During this workshop, Mrs. Jade Honey, Grade 1 Teacher and Head of LS Curriculum, gave parents a thorough introduction to the Phonics, “a method of teaching children to read and spell proficiently as a way for children to recognise the relationship between letters and sounds, to identify the underlying logic of the English language, and to equip them in their future learning to ‘decipher’ higher order vocabulary.”

Harrow Zhuhai incorporates a unique and innovative teaching model into the teaching of Phonics. On site, Mrs. Jade Honey,  Ms. Jessica Stewart, Grade 2 Teacher & Phase Leader, and Ms. Olivia Wen, Lower School English teacher, worked with each other to present the combination and separation of the syllables “a” and “e” in a role-play style. Teachers hope to stimulate interest and motivation through interactive and contextual teaching and learning, transforming the traditional passive mode of learning into an active mode of assimilation, thereby increasing learning efficiency. They also offer practical advice to parents, encouraging them to try different approaches when children make mistakes in pronunciation, rather than pointing out their mistakes directly. The child’s initiative and enthusiasm for learning must be nurtured by both the parents and the school.

Through such workshops, the school aims to give parents a more visual understanding of Harrow students in the classroom and allow them to experience the Harrow educational brand. Harrow Zhuhai is an international bilingual school with a cutting-edge educational philosophy that encourages students to start with fun, follow their excitement and enjoy learning throughout.