Harlow Zhuhai Twilight Concert

HZN 2023-04-19[EVENT] Sindy Liang

On 19 April, Harrow Zhuhai hosted a fantastic concert for students which showcase their superb musical talents.

The Harrow Zhuhai Spring Twilight Concert is a traditional music programme dedicated to providing children who are passionate about music with the opportunity to showcase their talents. There was no hint of complicated rehearsal or extravagant stage setting for this concert. The students presented the music in its purest and most natural way.

Harrow Zhuhai students performed many classical pieces such as ‘With You’ and ‘Ode to Joy’. The instruments include cello, piano, violin, oboe, clarinet, flute and saxophone. Also, different types of music such as the German folk song “Light Boat Swing” and “May Song” are presented in this concert. The performances of the students allowed the audience to fully appreciate the artistic impact of the music.

The concert ended with applause and cheers from parents and students. Through the Harrow Zhuhai Spring Twilight Concert, the students demonstrated their musical talents and showed the audience how beautiful and moving they are. The school will continue to support and encourage students in their musical development, giving more students with musical talents the opportunity to showcase themselves and better practice the concept of “Holistic Education”.