Harrow Zhuhai Twilight Concert

AISL Harrow Zhuhai Spring Twilight Concert kicks off this Wednesday at the school auditorium. As a traditional Harrow music programme, Twilight Concerts aims to provide a stage for pupils who enjoy music and performing arts. Without any grandeur décor nor complicated rehearsal, Twilight concerts allows our pupils to embrace music in its most natural form through pure love.

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Music Teacher

Mr. Anthony Brazewell

“At Harrow Zhuhai, we believe that music plays an integral role in a student’s core educational development. Not only does learning about music help improve and develop language skills and cognitive abilities, but it also encourages creativity, teamwork, and helps grow a student’s individual confidence and self-esteem. Through our school’s music curriculum and with events such as the Twilight Concert series, we feel this will help to encourage our students’ passion for music and performance, showcase their talents, and foster a sense of school spirit, pride, and community — upholding Harrow’s long-standing tradition of excellence and leadership.”

Ms. Kalika Liu

“Harrow Zhuhai Spring Twilight Concert is mainly focused on students’ individual talent skills, presenting individual solo performances of piano, violin, saxophone, pipa, guitar playing and singing, drum set, gourd flute and so on. The school adheres to Harrow‘s holistic education approach and builds a stage for students who love music to showcase themselves so that more pupils can stand confidently and bravely in the center of the stage to perform. The performance itself can help enhance the artistic qualities of each child and improve the aesthetic appreciation of our students from it. Through rich cultural activities, Harrow’s music education hopes to give students a sense of participation and achievement, and help them unleash their unlimited potential.”