Harrow Zhuhai Students Conducted Business Roadshow in English

HZN 2023-03-29[HOLISTIC] Sindy Liang

What amazing connections can be made between English language learning and business thinking? How can the fantastical stories in books become the blueprint for your world? Dragon’s Den @ Harrow revealed the answers to these questions at a recent event organised by Harrow Zhuhai English Team.

Dragon’s Den is a popular British television business show in which entrepreneurs present their ideas, pitch their products and secure investment from high profile investors. The investors ask the entrepreneurs complex or pointed questions, based on short cuts of their products or business presentations. Harrow Zhuhai’s English Team incorporated this into their classroom by using recent English original stories they read as the backdrop for their business venture and had students work in groups to create mock business projects.

From brainstorming, mock market research, product design to promotion and revenue analysis, Harrow Zhuhai students worked in groups to create more than a dozen wonderful ‘business proposals’, which were put to the test face-to-face by the “Dragons”. Harrow Zhuhai’s English class was transformed into a business roadshow, with G8 students taking their business themes from the English book they studied in English class this term – the world’s first science fiction novel, Frankenstein, by British Author Mary Shelley. After reading the English Classic The Great Gatsby by American author Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, G7 students designed original vintage parties based on the setting of the novel. The G6 business idea was inspired by the Roald Dahl‘s George’s Marvelous Medicine.

This immersive English class not only gave students a deeper understanding of the book and honed their English presentation skills but also developed their business thinking, and teamwork skills cultivating outstanding leadership of the students. Innovative learning approaches like this are everywhere at Harrow Zhuhai, helping students on their way to success.