Harrow Zhuhai holds Primary School Experience Day

HZN 2023-03-30[EVENT] Chloe Xiong

On 30 March, Harrow Zhuhai welcomed a group of young lovelies to its campus. Harrow Zhuhai hopes to give the children of Harrow Little Lions Early Years Centre Zhuhai, an early experience of primary school education through fun activities and primary school experience classes to connect with the future learning environment.

Children entering primary school were grouped into a variety of experiential classes. They entered the Harrow-style primary classrooms and learn English and other subjects through the unique British homeroom system. Led by Harrow Zhuhai teachers, the children were given a tour of the campus in groups. “This school is so big!” “I want to come here often to read story books in the library.” Whether it was the library, the sports hall, the swimming pool, or the professional black box theatre, the children let out exclaims of surprise, curiosity,and anticipation about the world-class learning facilities.

The children also went to Harrow Zhuhai’s canteen and had a lunch experience just like a primary student. At Harrow Zhuhai, children can choose from Chinese, Western or noodle dishes. Harrow Zhuhai uses carefully selected imported and local ingredients to ensure each child’s health and safety. We also thoughtfully provide individually prepared allergy meals for young visitors with allergens, with every detail reflecting the standards and care of a Harrow Education.

Harrow Little Lions Early Years Centre Zhuhai shares the same scientific and innovative educational model and philosophy as Harrow Innovation Leadership Academy Zhuhai. By being exposed to Harrow’s educational philosophy at an early age, children are able to build a stronger bilingual framework and adapt more quickly to their later years at Harrow Zhuhai.