Harrow Zhuhai Science Class at Chimelong

HZN 2022-11-21 [EDUCATION] Catherine Ou

On November 21st, Harrow Zhuhai’s Upper School Science Team has organized a unique biology lesson. The Upper School students went to the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom on Hengqin Island, to conduct a study session on the topic of marine biology.

Mr. Cochrane, Upper School Science Teacher, has prepared a learning booklet for this study – “What are the different species of dolphins? What are the characteristics of dolphins’ feeding patterns?” “Are penguins only found in the Antarctic?” “What are the difficulties facing the conservation of marine ecology?” — Students were required to go on the trip with these questions, and to find answers in the field and collect examples. Students formed their own research groups and worked together to explore new knowledge; some students proposed novel questions from the new sights, and teachers were onsite to answer and support their learning.

With five Guinness World Records, Chimelong Ocean Kingdom provided a superb classroom for Harrow Zhuhai students with a wide variety of content and forms. The students were able to combine what they saw in front of them with what they learned in class to gain a deeper understanding of marine life and expand their knowledge both inside and outside the books. After returning to school, the teachers held a more academic group discussion to review and consolidate what they had learnt.

 As the second major excursion learning program of this school year, the Chimelong trip broadened the horizons of Harrow Zhuhai students and combined knowledge from both inside and outside the books in the most intuitive way. Harrow Zhuhai is committed to providing excellence in holistic education and fostering the comprehensive development of students through a wide range of teaching resources and learning styles.