Harrow Zhuhai Lower School Parent Workshops Launches

HZN 2022-11-22 [FOH] Sindy Liang

On November 22, AISL Harrow Zhuhai held its first parent workshop of the school year for Lower School parents on school academics, kicking off a series of informative and exciting parent workshops to follow. The workshop focused on English teaching and English assessment methods in the Lower School and many parents came to attend.

The workshop was designed to give parents of Lower School students a closer look at the school’s academic schedule and to gain a deeper understanding of the advantages and features of Harrow Zhuhai’s “holistic education” and bilingual education, so that they can better connect with the school. Mr. Jack Benstead, Acting Head of Lower School, introduced that the English teaching of Harrow Zhuhai Lower School combines subject learning and language acquisition by integrating the content of the curriculum, using the theme-based learning approach to achieve that, so as to cultivate the bilingual thinking of Harrow students. He introduced the advanced British natural spelling teaching methods: Oxford RWI curriculum (Read, Write Inc.), the Talk4Writing curriculum, Accelerated Reading, and ongoing formative assessment approach to achieve a high level of instructional support.

It is worth mentioning that both the RWI curriculum and the ongoing assessment system are brand new programs that launched this semester. In addition to English, different subjects have their own assessment methods. Mr. Benstead said that moving forward, some of the assessment systems will also be open for parents to log in, so that they can easily understand their children’s learning, so that Harrow students’ learning progress can be effectively tracked whether at school or at home.

Harrow Zhuhai uses the world’s leading teaching system and continues to optimize teaching and learning. Since the new school year, the school has introduced a variety of online tools for teaching, assessment, and teaching research, and is committed to continuously optimizing the Harrow bilingual curriculum and teaching optimization to provide a quality learning experience for Harrow students.