Harrow Zhuhai hosts inter-school badminton exchange tournament

HZN 2023-05-25[HOLISTIC] Chloe Xiong

On the afternoon of 25 May, Harrow Zhuhai met up with Hengqin No.1 Middle School to hold an exciting inter-school badminton tournament.

The tournament featured two categories, boys’ singles and girls’ singles, and Harrow Zhuhai’s players showed excellent ball skills and tenacity. After three rounds of fierce competition, Harrow Zhuhai achieved proud results in the men’s singles category, finishing second and third respectively.

The tournament was not only a competitive event, but also a powerful demonstration of Harrow Zhuhai’s core values. The students who participated in the inter-school badminton tournament not only exercised their physical fitness, but also developed a sense of teamwork, competition and perseverance. These are closely aligned with the values of Courage, Honour, Humility and Fellowship that Harrow Zhuhai has always advocated.

This inter-school tennis tournament provided a great opportunity for students to showcase their individual talents and teamwork skills, as well as promoting friendly exchanges between schools. The success of this inter-school badminton tournament also demonstrated once again the appeal of Harrow Zhuhai as a school with holistic education at its core, providing students with opportunities for all-round development through a wide variety of sports activities, and developing their leadership skills, team spirit and motivation.