Harrow Hengqin’s Frist Celebration of Mind Day

HHN-2023-10-20 [EDUCATION] Sindy Liang

Recently,Harrow Hengqin Upper School held its first Celebration of Mind Day and to celebrate the day, the Maths team prepared a series of fun activities for Harrow students to choose from according to their interests, and those who excelled in these activities were awarded House Points.

Fun activities included Logic of the Chess, Riddles and Mathemagic, Bo Bing(Fujian Dice Game), Mondrian Art, and Mathematical Art. These are not only maths games, but also interactive learning across disciplines and cultures. There are both classic puzzles from the Western mathematical world and folk games that pass on Chinese non-heritage culture, as well as a wonderful combination of maths and art.

After the above activities, the Harrow students took part in the Kahoot Maths Competition in six Houses, where they played as a team to solve the maths puzzles, and all of them paid full attention when answering the questions. The results of the competition were displayed on the big screen in real time and the atmosphere was very tense and exciting! After a fierce battle, the Houses which won the Maths Competition are as follows:1st place Bing Xin,2nd place Tu Youyou, 3rd place Lyon.

Celebration of Mind (CoM) is a world-wide series of events designed to bring people together to share and delight in playing with puzzles, games and magic. CoM events and materials are designed to inspire, delight and awe.  Events are often held on or around October 21st in honour of Martin Gardner’s birthday. He is known for developing a range of fun-filled and creative maths activities.