Harrow Hengqin host the 2nd Long Ducker Charity Run

HHN-2024-01-22 【Event】 Sindy Liang

On 21st January 2024, the 2nd Harrow Hengqin Long Ducker, a charity event aimed at promoting sustainable development and supporting wetland and migratory bird conservation, was held at the Hengqin Rowing Park. Hosted by Harrow Hengqin LiDe School, with “MORE FUN GALA” as the main sponsor and second organizer, the event attracted the enthusiastic participation of nearly 500 people from Harrow Hengqin students, parents, staff and public participants to run for charity and show their care for the planet together.

Create one of the most anticipated events in the Hengqin community

Set running track by Tinmuk River to showcases Hengqin’s Unique Ecology

The charity run was held on the banks of the beautiful Tinmuk River in the Guangdong[1]Macao in depth cooperation zone in Hengqin, with lush greenery and blue waves along the course, which fully demonstrated Hengqin’s unique ecological environment and modern urban planning. While enjoying the competition, participants also deeply experienced the beauty of natural scenery and the importance of ecological environment protection in Hengqin.

This year’s charity run set up three different groups, namely the 8.5KM Long Ducker Pro, the 4.2KM Long Ducker and the 2.1KM Mini Ducker, which took into account both competitiveness and participation, so that runners of all ages could get involved and feel the fun and health brought by sports.

(Dr. Caruso, Ms Feng and Mr Yang fired pistol in the air for the run)

Dr. Max Caruso introduced that the Long Ducker charity run is originated from a traditional charity run project at Harrow School in the UK. Therefore, Harrow Hengqin charity run is also a public welfare activity aimed at uniting the Harrow Hengqin community. Harrow Hengqin is not only a member of the Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin, but also an important corporate and educational citizen. We look forward to making the Long Ducker charity run one of the most anticipated events in the Hengqin community every year through this annual event, to promote the development of education and cultural construction in the Hengqin.

Charity Run to Support Local Nature Conservation

Harrow Hengqin Calls for Harrow families to Build a Better Future Together

2023, Harrow Hengqin donated the charity money to public welfare organizations to promote rural children’s education. This year, Harrow Hengqin will donate the funds raised to the Hengqin Charity Ferderation to support the Mangrove Conservation, Wetland Education, Migratory Bird Migration Channel Protection and other environmental public welfare projects carried out by the Mangrove Conservation Foundation (MCF) in the Greater Bay Area, work together with each other to gather charitable forces and build a sustainable future for the cooperation zone.

As an international bilingual school founded in 2021, Harrow Hengqin is committed to nurturing bilingual elites who are locally based and globally minded by adhering to the long tradition of holistic education of Harrow School in the UK and combining it with the Chinese National Curriculum. By organizing Long Ducker Charity Run, Harrow Hengqin not only exercises students’ physical fitness, but also shapes their positive spirit and strong sense of social responsibility.”

The successful organization of Harrow Hengqin’s second Long Ducker was not only a sports event, but also a vivid practice of ecological protection education. Harrow Hengqin has been making an effort to call on everyone to pay attention to the natural ecology around us, to build a sustainable and better future together, and to care for our planet with actions!