Chinese New Year Celebration

HHN-2024-2-1 【EVENT】Sindy Liang

Harrow Hengqin rounded off the first term of the 2023-2024 academic year with a Chinese New Year celebration! Through this immersive traditional cultural feast, students were not only able to further build up their cultural identity, but also enhance their passion for history, traditions and culture of China. The active participation of Harrow Hengqin’s expat teachers also brought different perspectives from various cultural backgrounds and enhanced everyone’s cross-cultural communication skills.

The Non-Heritage Cultural Workshop was buzzing with excitement as an immersive traditional cultural experience class took place! The students wrote Chinese New Year couplets with auspicious meanings with their own hands; the sweet art of sugar painting sketched out the sweet memories of childhood; the dough flew at their fingertips, and the lifelike little noodle figures appeared; the ancient and simple topography technique reproduced the traces of history and inherited the wisdom of the millennium between the papers.

On the stage, the show was fantastic! The dragon and lion dances were joyful, awakening the vitality of the New Year; the Sichuan Opera Face Changing Show was thrilling; the acrobatic performance was thrilling and exciting, showing the perfect combination of strength and beauty; the parent-child Chinese fashion show was warm and heartfelt; Harrow students sang and danced with melodious New Year’s songs to dedicate to the good times.

This event allowed everyone involved to feel the infinite charm and vitality of the excellent traditional Chinese culture. As the Lunar New Year approaches, Harrow Hengqin has ignited the festive atmosphere in advance in a unique way, looking forward to an even more exciting new year!