Harrow Hengqin parents held the Appreciation Dinner

HHN-2024-01-12【FoH】Sindy Liang

Last Friday, the Friends of Harrow Committee, along with class committees and parent volunteers, held the Harrow Hengqin Appreciation Dinner. They carefully planned over 100 delicious dishes, gathering a table of flavours from different parts of China to celebrate the arrival of the Spring Festival.

Parents from each grade became food ambassadors, presenting their specialties or arranging dishes from their hometowns. They invested a lot of energy and time in the preparation work for several weeks in advance, from selecting ingredients to cooking techniques, all for the sake of expressing their sincere respect and gratitude to teachers, and letting teachers experience the unique food culture of different regions. The exquisite booth arrangements and delicate gifts showed the elegance of Harrow parents, and their deep affection for the teachers, and their firm support for the school’s culture.

Mr. Cartier Lam, Chairman of Hengqin FoHC, said, “Organising a thank you dinner for the staff of Harrow LiDe School Hengqin is a wonderful gesture of appreciation and recognition for their hard work and dedication. It strengthens the bond between staff, parents and the school, and fosters a positive and harmonious working environment. The dinner provided an opportunity for them to mingle and build relationships with their colleagues and our parents.  Dr. Max Caruso, Harrow Hengqin Head Master, responded that “100 dishes! Representing regions of China! On behalf of your teachers and staff and in Community, in Family as Harrovians all…we  sincerely thank you! Our hearts are warmed and truly touched by your ongoing support, your ongoing generosity.”

At Harrow Hengqin, the “Friends of Harrow” (FoH), composed mainly of parents and staff, has built a close bridge between home and school, not only actively exploring and providing academic and social resources to support students’ growth, but also creating a wonderful community experience, with various activities that show their dedication and care.