Welcome to our Sports Day!

Sports is an important and integral part of Harrow’s holistic approach toward education. Despite the COVID restriction, the school managed to kick off its annual Sports Day using a more creative approach. Now, we’ll take you inside our Sports Day and show the true pleasure of exercise!

The House System is one of the most distinctive characteristics of a Harrow Education and is central to our culture and individual success. In order to help the students to build strong bonds and supportive atmosphere within each house, Sports Day at Harrow Zhuhai is categorized as a House event in which students compete with each other for their own Houses.

Harrow’s Sports Day is an exciting and energetic event where students make the most of their talents and find their athletic potential in a half-day schedule. Through competitive and fun competitions, every young Harrovian was able to enjoy the joy of sports. Unfortunately, due to the epidemic, the sports day did not have a full blast, but the PE team still managed to run the 50m/100m, kangaroo jump, long jump, throwing, basketball and tug of war events through a smart combination.

Among all the sports, the most exciting one for everyone was the tug of war. Some of the teachers have joined in together with their house team to add more strength to the students. For many of the younger students, it was their first time participating in tug of war and feeling the power of unity!

In the process of challenging themselves and overcoming difficulties, Harrow students not only sharpened their strong will, but also strengthened their confidence and group collaboration ability, and truly comprehend sportsmanship.

Harrow values physical education and has a tradition of sport that dates back 400 years. Sports not only enhance Harrow students’ confidence and self-esteem, but also help students to build social skills, develop a positive mentality and help contribute to the unity of the school community.

Harrow Zhuhai has world-class sports facilities and excellent PE teachers to provide a wide range of sports programs for local Harrovians. The school is committed to fostering teamwork, strong Harrow values and leadership characters, resilience, and determination to succeed through sports activities. The ultimate goal is to develop an active and healthy lifestyle for our students that will bring about life-long benefits.