The Power of Holistic Education

We take pride in our Harrow Values of Courage, Honour, Humility, and Fellowship. These values in combination with our innovative bilingual and bi-cultural approach create a blend of East and West, where students can enjoy the various Co-curricular Activities and Super Curriculum in finding their interests and potential at Harrow Zhuhai.

Our holistic educational approach focuses on individualised student care and support. At Harrow Zhuhai, we provide a comprehensive programme with more than forty options available for each student to take part in from Monday to Thursday.

Outside the classroom, a wide variety of art-based activities are offered to build their confidence in creative pursuits. For instance, our architects of the future use LEGO bricks in planning and designing building structures as part of the Lower School LEGO Club. In addition, the Upper School students develop more refined art skills through the music, drama, and artistic clubs.

Gardening Club

The Gardening Club uses typical gardening tasks, such as planning, planting, caring, and harvesting to understand how cultivation works. It is a great opportunity for students to explore the outdoors, to foster emotional connections with nature and help to develop a respect for the environment in an eco-friendly way. In practice, students not only gain professional planting knowledge but also help make the school a more vibrant environment.

Extracurricular activities are regarded as a vital element in any student’s development. Students are expected to develop a desire to play a sport of their choice for both health and participation. Students not only learn the weekly exercise skills in our varied sports programme but achieve a healthy body and mind increasing exercise and developing it into a lifelong hobby.


Our football club is an exciting and vibrant element of school life and it allows our students to explore their talents and fulfil their potential. The club provides bespoke guidance in improving their skills and enhancing their knowledge of football theory.   Our students will forge friendships and develop their teamwork in such co-curricular activities.

At Harrow Zhuhai, we enrich our rigorous academic curriculum by providing opportunities for our students to develop research skills, the ability to debate and communicate confidently, solving problems collaboratively and thinking both critically and creatively.  It extends and deepens student understanding beyond the classroom; challenges their thinking and equips them with core learning including leadership skills that will support them throughout their educational career into university and the world beyond.