Leadership Day

Harrow Zhuhai’s first Leadership Day was a huge success. Staff and students participated in a range of activities including a Dodgeball Competition, Leadership Hunt and Team Challenges. The young Harrovians thoroughly enjoyed the day and demonstrated their confidence and leadership skills as well as the Harrow Values of Courage, Honour, Humility, and Fellowship.

Special Assembly

On Leadership Day, students participated in a special Leadership Assembly which was presented by the Heads of House and the students themselves. The House Captains, Vice House Captains, Boarding Captains, Bus Captains and Student Council were also announced. 

Congratulations to those who were elected!

We would also like to highlight how proud we are of those students who exhibited the Harrow Values of Courage and Humility by taking part in the election. We hope you continue to demonstrate these values and apply again next year. 

Dodgeball Competition

The Dodgeball Competition was the first time that the newly appointed House Captains and Vice Captains were given the opportunity to perform in their new roles. Originally an African tribal military game, dodgeball is often used as a warm-up before battling due to the strength and agility it requires. Our Dodgeball Competition abided by the international rules of the sport whilst incorporating elements of being a House Competition.

As a traditional Harrow sport, dodgeball has attracted many Harrovians with its unique qualities. Unlike traditional sports (such as basketball and badminton), dodgeball focuses on rhythm and speed, training the body’s agility, eye and hand co-ordination, as well as endurance and emotional management. At the same time, our young Harrovians were able to experience the fun and excitement of playing sports in close teamwork and practise the Harrow Values of Courage and Fellowship.

Churchill House

Lyon House

Sun Yet-Sen House

Tu YouYou House

Bing Xin House

Anderson House

Team Challenges & Leadership Hunt

Leadership Day also included team building activities such as a ‘Parachute Egg and Leadership Hunt. In the ‘Parachute Egg’ game, students worked in groups to design and build ‘parachute eggs’ and then tried to ensure the eggs wouldn’t crack when they hit the floor. The Leadership Hunt involved students completing six challenges and a House Puzzle with the aim of getting a House Point.

At Harrow Zhuhai, we invest in our students, optimising their lifelong learning interests and leadership potential, preparing them for a high-achieving future that includes serving the wider community. We trust that every student will demonstrate leadership in all their endeavours.

Leadership Day Check-in

At the end of Leadership Day, students gathered to reflect on the day’s activities and review what leadership is. They discussed a range of topics including; what makes a good leader, what leadership means and what a growth mindset is.  The core values of Harrow, Courage, Honour, Humility, and Fellowship, were on show around the school.

Photos of Courage, Honour, Humility, and Fellowship

Our leadership attributes are fundamental to all we do. Harrow Zhuhai’s education is holistic. Our students are well-rounded, confident, active and engaged – in the classroom and beyond. Our extensive Co-Curricular programme broadens horizons, instils a sense of adventure and fosters leadership, teamwork and resilience.