HZN 2022-04-08 [EVENT] Chloe Xiong

On April 8, Harrow Zhuhai Teatime with Heads – Zhongshan East District was held in a very modern and aesthetically pleasing Xiangshan Study Hall in Zimaling Park. Dozens of families from Zhongshan attended the event and had an in-depth face-to-face meeting with the school’s senior leadership team.

In this event, Dr. Max Caruso, Harrow Zhuhai’s Head Master, Ms. Elise Li, the Chinese Principal, and Ms. Kirsty Lowery, Deputy Head, introduced the long-established Harrow brand and its century-old educational philosophy in detail, and vividly demonstrate to parents how Harrow Zhuhai practices the concept of contextualized teaching with real examples from the 6th-grade courses, as well as an in-depth explanation of the innovative and unique bilingual curriculum of Harrow Zhuhai.

Before the event, the school had collected statistics on the most curious questions from parents, which were answered one by one by the SLT at the site. Ms. Kirsty Lowery gave the detailed presentation to parents about how Harrow Zhuhai supervises students’ use of electronic devices, and advocated parents to cooperate with the school to build a protective umbrella for their children in the age of digital and information, while strive to be a guide for their children’s development of data technology thinking.

Inheriting 450 years of excellence from Harrow School in the UK and developing an innovative model of bilingual education, Harrow Zhuhai is committed to nurturing students of diverse backgrounds and potential with a core of holistic education, equipping them with lifelong learning abilities and leadership traits to adapt to and excel in a dynamically evolving world and achieve extraordinary results.