Harrow Zhuhai Education Seminar

Harrow Zhuhai Education Seminar was held successfully On November 22nd.

It was the first time for the Harrow team to meet parents and answer questions about Harrow Innovation Leadership Academy and Harrow Little Lions. With more than 500 people attended the seminars, many audiences are enthusiastic to communicate with our heads and teachers in the event.

The Unique Learning Way for Harrow Zhuhai Students

Leveraging 450 years of academic excellence and tradition from Harrow School in the UK, Harrow Zhuhai offers an innovative bilingual and bicultural education, with a true blend of Chinese and Western culture, where students can be proud of their heritage but remain in touch with the world.

Every teacher at Harrow Zhuhai is a highly qualified and outstanding educator, with one common purpose – to help each and every student achieve a set of exceptional academic results, and help them to thrive and succeed in their chosen career and their personal lives.

Our teachers are not just imparting knowledge, they also motivate and challenge students in a variety of ways:

  • Inspire the students to solve problems by themselves
  • Use a balance of traditional and innovative teaching methods
  • Encourage students to go beyond their comfort zone to develop a deeper understanding
  • To develop resilience and a growth mindset to deal with any challenges life throws at them

Our unique curriculum produces a different kind of student who will stand out from the crowd.

They will achieve academic success but also acquire a range of skills and dispositions that are necessary for success in the workplace and their personal lives: a passion for learning, true strength of character, values, independent learners, a growth mindset, confidence and a set of leadership attributes.

The Harrow “House” system

Our House system is the foundation for the close personal tutoring that supports students through each stage of their learning journey, and helps them develop a whole range of skills, including leadership skills, and character traits as a result of our unique House Activities Programme.

What do we know about quality early year education?

A recent study pieced together the results of research into early childhood education in a variety of fields to come up with a measure of future success:

Therefore, the curriculum for an outstanding early years education needs to revolve around these areas.

The education of a Harrow Little Lion not only creates opportunities for children to experience the world around them, but also prepares them for a rapidly changing world, making them flexible, adaptable and innovative people in the future.

At Harrow Little Lions, teachers will cultivate children’s individual characters, and encourage them to ask and answer questions about the world around them to develop their ability to think independently from a very young age.

In addition, a Harrow teacher respects the uniqueness of each child. Therefore, the teacher will respond to each child’s needs in different ways and cultivate their self-identity and personality to help them progress.

Pastoral care underpins all that we do at Harrow so that a Harrow Little Lion is safe and happy.

Through online platforms and regular meetings, the teachers at Harrow Little Lions will establish a close bond with parents. Parents will be kept abreast of, and actively involved in their children’s development.they