Friends of Harrow Election

HZN 2022-10-10 [FOH] Bella Huang

As one of the important link between home and school, Friends of Harrow Zhuhai has organized its new school year election. After an active election session, we are delight to announce that the Friends of Harrow Committee (FoHC) for school year 2022-2023 have been officially inaugurated on October 10th, 2022.

The new committee member include 9 members and they are:

Chairman, Mr. Michael Zhao

Vice Chairman, Ms. Ellie Hao

Finance Officer, Mr. Fangyong Dai

Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas Liaison Officer, Ms. Kini Lau

Secretary, Ms. Ilyssia Zhang

Upper School Educational Officer, Mr. Jack Fang

Lower School Educational Officer, Mr. Jack Ma

Community Officer, Ms. Libby Ma

Community Officer, Ms. Sharon Liu

These members are elected form 12 candidates through a joint vote by all staff and parents. The committee will play an essential part in promoting home-school communication and collaboration by leveraging their expertise and skills in different areas, in order to enrich the learning experience and provide more learning opportunities for Harrow Zhuhai students.

Home-school collaboration is the bedrock for a thriving school. Harrow Zhuhai values the contribution of our parents and we aim to build a positive learning community with our families to better serve our children.