Harrow Zhuhai Fire Drill

HZN 2022-11-9 [OPERATION] Constantine Yu

AISL Harrow Zhuhai organized its first annual fire drill on Wednesday with the support from local fire department. The fire drill took a set scenario and examined the ability of the school to handle such emergencies. 

A smoke device mimicking a fire were set off, and students were guided by the teachers to quickly evacuated from the school building to the rally point. Emergency measures of the site management team were taken to contain the spread of the fire and securing the students. Fire engines were brought in quickly after the outbreak and the fire was extinguished within minutes.

As one of the main campus security rehearsals, the fire drill is a routine program at Harrow Zhuhai, where the school put our students’ safety as the top priority. The drill tested out the campus world-class facility and fire prevention system, but also provided the students with a consciousness of how to handle emergencies like this.

All staff at Harrow Zhuhai participated in the fire drill including all visitors and third-party staff. The fire drill was concluded successfully.